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Please only book appointments through this portal if:

  • All participants have confirmed their availability for that date; and
  • The parties have agreed to use Renee or Liz as their mediator

Half-day or full-day?

We recommend a full-day mediation if both parties will have lawyers attending.

If either party will be attending without a lawyer please only book a half day appointment.

Video-conference or in-person?

Both Renee and Liz offer video-conference appointments. Renee offers in-person appointments in Belconnen. Liz offers in-person appointments in Woden, Kingston or Belconnen.

Next steps

Once you have booked Liz or Renee will contact you and the parties to arrange the intake process.

Half-Day Mediations & Conciliations

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Full Day Mediations & Conciliations

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Renee Toy, Mediator from Listen, Talk, Resolve

Renee Toy

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Liz Keogh, Mediator from Keogh Mediation

Liz Keogh

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Looking for guidance about Dispute Resolution under the new Family Law Rules

Download a copy of DR under the new Family Law Rules
Dispute resolution guidance about the new family law rules.

Dispute Resolution

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Got Questions? Is the date you want not available?

Call Renee (0490 003 325) or Liz (0476 657 799) - or book a time for them to call you back.

Dates that are less than 10 days, or more than 9 weeks away can’t be booked online. If you’re looking for a date in those time frames please get in touch.

Property mediation appointments graphic from pre-mediation appointments, information gathering, decision making and legal advice provided at each stage.
Parenting mediation, from invitation to mediate, pre-mediation appointments for both parties followed by a joint mediation session.
Conciliation that's lawyer assisted involves a case summary of documents, client intake meetings, lawyer intake conversations where required and a joint conciliation session.

Legal Aid FDRCs (Legal Aid staff only)

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CRS mediations (CRS staff only)

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